Warranty and maintenance guide Kronoswiss laminate



Your Guarantee


Kronospan Switzerland AG grants to purchasers of Kronoswiss laminate flooring, valid from date of purchase, an additional warranty on the abrasion resistance of the surface of Kronoswiss laminate flooring. This warranty is in accordance with the following provisions. Your normal statutory rights are not affected:


Warranty conditions

Kronoswiss laminate flooring needs to be, both before and during its installation, checked fully for any kind of defects. Once installed, the flooring panels are deemed to be of an acceptable quality. Kronoswiss laminate flooring has to be installed in an expert manner, according to the installation instructions, in a dry area in accordance with its respective Utility Category. If installed in damp rooms Kronoswiss laminate floor is not covered by the warranty. Affected areas on Kronoswiss laminate floors have to be of an area that is at least 1 cm2, and easy to identify. In particular, where the decorative layer has been rubbed off completely. Effected areas on the Plank edges caused either by inappropriate use or maintenance, or especially mechanical stress are not covered by the warranty. To make a claim under the Warranty, Kronoswiss laminate flooring must have been treated according to the care instructions and regularly cleaned and maintained. Any warranty claims are to be submitted by the very latest within 30 days of the occurrence being noticed. This must be done in writing with the original proof of purchase. In order to assess the warranty claim, Kronospan Switzerland AG shall have the right to inspect the affected area on site.



Once the claim on the Warranty is accepted, Kronospan Switzerland AG undertakes to offer replacement material for the effected area. If the affected Flooring is no longer available, the buyer may select a substitute equivalent product from the current range of Kronospan Switzerland AG. Given that there is an annual 10% use-related depreciation of the Kronoswiss Laminate Flooring, Kronospan Switzerland AG will make the replacement of material, based on the corresponding annually reduced amount of the affected area. A liability for further or associated cost and damages, especially consequential - as with the installation, removal, transportation, and disposal of damaged flooring panels etc. - is excluded. This also applies to damages or compensation of any kind.