How to choose the right type of flooring (timber flooring, bamboo floors or laminate)

  1. Budget

You should know your budget. The amount of money you can afford to spent on your new flooring. There is a great range in flooring prices:

  • One of the cheapest types of flooring is laminate. Laminate flooring is a relatively inexpensive substitute to timber flooring. It is ideal to put laminate in properties for rent, commercial sites and active areas with a high traffic. It is a low maintenance and still good looking kind of flooring. 
  • Bamboo floor is a great alternative to timber flooring within a quite moderate price range.
  • Solid Hardwood flooring is an expensive type of timber flooring. On the other hand, solid hardwood floors will add irresistible charm and convenience to your home and could increase the value of your property. Prefinished solid timber flooring is less expensive option for hardwood flooring as it does not need sanding and polishing. Another cheaper option is engineered hardwood flooring.
  • Parquetry is the most expensive and simultaneously the most luxurious looking timber flooring. Traditionally parquetry is associated with wellbeing and prosperity.


Tips: If you are going DIY (Do It Yourself), please do not buy expensive material; come to nothing more than laminate or bamboo floor. You should understand that you cannot be professional in everything and expensive timber flooring and parquetry need professional installation.


  1. Color

After you defined your budget allowance, you can choose the color of flooring. Some customers prefer to choose the color first and only after start thinking about the amount of money they are going to spend. This is not very good approach as there is no difficulties to find appropriate flooring within the color range you need. Please see our table of timber flooring species compounded into 3 groups: Creams, Browns and Reds or you can use our Search by Colour


Tips: Bamboo flooring and laminate have various colors.


  1. Grade


If you prefer hardwood timber flooring there are 3 grades:

  • Select grade: This grade limits the inclusion of many natural features or imperfections and it has a clean modern appearance. The most expensive grade.
  • Standard grade: A grade which allows an increased variety of outstanding natural features including gum veins, insect markings and knots compared to Select Grade.
  • Natural (Feature) grade flooring has a large variety of natural features including knots, gum veins and insect holes, creating a floor full of old world charm at a very affordable price.


Tips: Select grade is the most expensive. So, if you are not going to pay that much money, just prefer Standard or Natural grade and ask our professionals to make your floors look better. I promise they could do that without extra charge.


  1. Hardness

Janka rating is another important factor, especially if you are going to lay timber flooring in properties for rent, commercial sites and active areas with a lot of traffic. The higher the Janka, the harder the wood. Please see our Janka rating table here.


Tips: We recommend using laminate in properties for rent. Laminate is a very hard to scratch flooring and it is cheap. Strand woven bamboo is a very durable material for flooring as well.


  1. The Finishes

Generally, there is gloss, semi-gloss, satin and matte finishes. In general, there are so many products on the market with different features that it is better to speak to professionals for final advice.


Tips: You can buy pre-finished solid timber flooring which does not need sanding and polishing. That can save you some money.


  1. Quantity

Usually we recommend to order 5% more for off-cuts. In case, you desire to do diagonal or complicated shape of flooring, please order 10% more.


Tips: you can ask your supplier to give a refund for any not used material if it is in not opened boxes. Keep in mind to ask before purchase.