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Have you recently asked yourself: ‘what is the best wood flooring option for me and my home?’

Now, if you’re like most people, you probably make your decision to the above question based on the type of wood, it’s colour, length or price. When really, you should be first asking yourself if the best wood flooring option is engineered or solid timber flooring.

Once you have a solid understanding of both options, you can then get into the design and stylistic features of the boards.

Can’t be bothered to do your research on engineered and solid timber flooring? Don’t worry, we fell you! But that’s where we come in to help. We are experts in timber flooring, so we thought we’d give you a hand by talking you through both timber flooring options and the benefits that come with both.

Engineered Timber Flooring: What is it?

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Let’s start with engineered timber flooring. What exactly is engineered timber flooring?

Engineered wood flooring uses wood planks that have been engineered (go figure). These wood planks are made from thin layers of plywood covered by a thin top layer of hardwood. All of this might mean nothing to you, but that’s okay – let’s break it down.

The wood planks are manufactured this way to achieve a luxurious exterior for a reduced cost (if you’re comparing it to solid timber flooring). Most engineered timber floors are also very durable. So, to put it simply, engineer timber floors are cost-effective, stunning in appearance and easy to maintain.

If you decide to go with engineered timber flooring for your home, you’ll be faced with another decision to make: Australian timber floor or overseas timber floor.

At Zealsea Timber Flooring, we have both options available. Check them out below to find out more about both options:

Engineered Australian Species

Engineered European Oak

Benefits of Engineered Timber Flooring

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Cheaper than Solid Timber Floors

If you didn’t know already, hardwood is the part of timber flooring that drives the prices up. Because Engineered timber floors don’t use much hardwood, it means the cost of the flooring is cheaper.

But just because it’s cheaper, doesn’t mean it looks cheaper!!

Quick & Easy Installation Process

This is one of our favourite benefits of engineered timber floors. When it comes to installation, there is no hassle.

Engineered timber can simply be floated over your current floor. You’re probably wondering how a floating floor works and if it’s safe. Firstly, we want to assure you that it’s completely safe. And it works by essentially installing the floor over your existing floor – no glue or nails needed!

Engineered timber floors are an extra handy option for those living in apartments.

Low Maintenance

Engineered timber floors come prefinished. Don’t know what prefinished means? Basically, all the board’s protective coatings are applied during the manufacturing process before they are installed. And this coating should last quite a while.

We recommend to re-sand your engineered timber floors only a few times during its lifespan. You’ll find that this type of timber floor will last for years!

Luxurious and High-End Appearance

To be honest with you, if you’re not a timber flooring expert, you can hardly tell the difference between engineered timber floors and solid timber floors. On a surface level, they basically look the same!

Even though you pay less for engineered timber flooring, you still get a luxurious look and feel once it’s installed. It’s the best of both worlds.

Solid Timber Flooring: What is it? 

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Now, let’s talk about solid timber floors. This type of flooring is the traditional hardwood flooring option. Some people even refer to it as the real deal. But why is this?

Well, solid timber floors are made from a solid piece of wood, specifically designed to make tough boards. You’ll probably find solid timber flooring in a lot of older houses. This is because this floor ages graciously, lasting a long time if cared for properly.

One of the key differences between solid timber compared to engineered timber is that the flooring comes raw. You’re probably thinking what does ‘raw’ actually mean?

Because solid timber floors arrive raw, the installation process takes longer because the installer will need to sand and polish the boards after they have been laid.

So, here’s a brief overview for you: solid timber floors have an amazing appearance, can be re-sanded several times and are the perfect option for someone looking for a long-term flooring option.

It all sounds amazing, right? Well, here’s a couple of things most people don’t realise about solid timber flooring…

– It expands in humid conditions
– It contracts in dry conditions

Want to have a look at what solid timber flooring is all about? Check out the several options we have available here.

Benefits of Solid Timber Flooring

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Authentic Flooring Option

As mentioned previously, solid timber floors are considered the real deal. They’re not only authentic based on their natural origins, but they also radiate character. This is something that is very unique.

Durable, Strong & Long Lasting

Just as the name of it suggests, solid timber flooring is known for its strength and durability. Because it is just a hard-wearing surface, you’ll find that this type of flooring can last a lifetime. By simply resanding and repolishing the wood, it’ll give the look of brand-new floors.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

We all know how difficult carpet is to clean. It’s honestly like a breath of fresh air when you change over from carpet to solid timber floors. Solid timber floors are easier to clean and only require the occasional damp mop and sweep. How good is that!?

Choosing the Best Option for You

Now that we’ve given you a bit of an insight into the differences between engineered timber flooring and solid timber flooring, we hope you have more guidance in choosing the best option for you and your home.
If you’re still finding yourself stuck or confused, don’t worry because we can help! We understand how important it is choosing the RIGHT floors for your home. So, if you have any further questions about our timber flooring options, feel free to give us a call.

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