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Care and Maintenance of Timber Flooring

How to Protect Your Timber Flooring

The timber flooring  installers have left and your floor has completely cured, so now what do you do? Caring for your floors is very important to make sure that they will last as long as you want for them to. This is very simple to do as long as you are following some simple protocols.


The first thing to make sure of is that water is not able to stay on your floor for very long at all. If there is ever a spill, it is important to get it off of the floor right away. Use towels to soak up the spill. Leaving water on the floor can cause the floor to separate or to buckle. Even with a quality sealant on the floors, the water can cause major problems. Just make sure to wipe up any remaining moisture and clean up any residue as soon as possible.


Rugs are a great idea whenever you have the best timber flooring has to offer. The idea is to protect those areas of your flooring which are considered to be high traffic areas. The walkways by the front door as well as the areas under tables are important areas to consider putting rugs.
Carpet runners are a good idea for hallways. Simply put down some non-slip material before putting the runner down and you will have traction in the hallway as well as needed protection for your new hardwood floors.
Area rugs under dining room tables will offer some protection against spills from drinks or any dropped food. Rather than soaking into the wood, the spill will soak into the carpet. It will give you the opportunity to have a rug you can replace rather than a ruined floor you will not be able to replace as easily. Another tip is using the floor protector felt pads underside of the furniture legs.


Cleaning is not as much of a challenge as it used to be for the timber flooring homeowners love. Simply make sure that you are sweeping the floors regularly. Dirt can act like an abrasive on the floors. By leaving the dirt on the floors, it will be as it you are using sandpaper on the floor every day. By sweeping at least twice a week, you will be able to reduce the amount of dirt that is on the floor.
Flooring should be cleaned with a bit of water and a pH neutral floor cleaner. Do not use anything which might have a stripper in it. This will remove the finish on the floor and will leave it exposed to many kinds of problems. Mopping the floor with a mostly dry mop head will help in preventing any build up of water or cleaning materials on your floor.



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